Birth Boot Camp Classes

Whether this is your first time giving birth or your third we have a class that will fit your needs. Gain all the information and knowledge that you can about birth. What you know takes away the fear of the unknown. Knowledge is powerful! The unknown can create fear which creates tension and that can lead to a more stressful birth experience. So do yourself a favor and take a class with your partner, you will be glad you did. Let me know if I can help you decide which class is best for you. Our classes are fun and interactive and gives you the tools you need to have an amazing birth.

I’m part of a Collective of doulas that have the same training and mindset as myself. We call ourselves Top City Doulas. Please contact me if your interested in attending as some classes require us to order workbooks for you ahead of time.

One of the popular classes that we teach is the Home or Birth Center Childbirth class.

Deb Schirmacher, BBCI, SBD Call or text – 763-370-9280;